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Sarah Villafranco


CEO of Osmia Organics

Years in Carbondale


What I love about Carbondale

My brother and his family are here. Having lost our mom 9 years ago, I feel very lucky to be close to him, and to own businesses a few hundred yards from each other!

Little known fact about you

I was a cheerleader at Georgetown University for about 8 months in my freshman year. It makes me laugh-cringe whenever I think of it. I still have the uniform--it’s handy on Halloween...

"My heart landed in Carbondale the moment I first visited, about 20 years ago. Strange, as I was born and raised in Washington, DC, and lived there until I was 32. But, something about this place is truly magical--from the people to the land to the crystal blue skies to the dry, sage smell in the air. It’s my perfect home."

Photo by Shawn O'Connor

Photo by Shawn O'Connor