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Olivia Pevec


Artist, Musician (Let Them Roar), Writer, Blacksmith at The Roaring Forge, Scavenger, Partner

Years in Carbondale


What I love about Carbondale

Cross country skiing in the streets of town. I like that I can walk out my front door and walk, ride, or ski straight into wilderness. There is a bear that visits my backyard and the deer are omnipresent. I can harvest wild food in my neighborhood, and even though the town is very small, I discover new things all the time.

Little known fact about you

When I was little, I wanted to change my name to Badger.

"Carbondale is my home. Everywhere I go in this town I find exciting people who want to make wild dreams come true. True collaboration, true volunteerism, and massive talent come together to form a rich melting pot that can't help but grow. And that Mountain, she just never stops giving."

Photo by Shawn O'Connor

Photo by Shawn O'Connor