Featured Creative

Deborah Colley


Dance Educator at DanceLAB, Performer & Choreographer at CoMotion, and Associate Director of Dance Initiative

Years in Carbondale


What I love about Carbondale

The collective creative minds of Carbondale breed a special motivation to dig deep into one's own artistic passion and thrive! 
I also love the abundant willingness to collaborate and try on strange ideas.

Little known fact about you

My favorite color is rainbow and I grew a unicorn tooth from the roof of my mouth when I was five.

"When I moved here I noticed a lack of dance arts in a place where the community was very engaged with lots of other types of arts. It motivated me to not just create dances in Carbondale... but to create a thriving dance scene! And we are on our way! I have had the opportunity to teach over 50 adults of all levels, set choreography on 20 dancers, and have performed in 11 locally produced works.

Photo by Shawn O'Connor

Photo by Shawn O'Connor