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Chase Engel


Head Brewmaster and CEO of Roaring Fork Beer Company

Years in Carbondale


What I love about Carbondale

When you walk down Main Street and see a horse tied up next to a bar, or in the spring when you see herds of cattle being moved down Main Street to their spring pasture. It reminds you that this is still a true western town full of people that work with their hands. The artisan culture here is just an extension of that.

Little known fact about you

Before I was a brewer I was on my way to becoming an anthropology professor...I guess I got side tracked a little.

"I chose to create in Carbondale because I love all the people and energy that is in this town. There's a funky vibe here that isn't replicated anywhere in Colorado that I knew my business could add to and coexist with that made doing business here an easy and rewarding choice."

Photo by Shawn O'Connor

Photo by Shawn O'Connor