Wilderness Workshop is accepting 2017 Artist in Wilderness applications

Wilderness Workshop is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the 2017 Artist in Wilderness residencies. We are searching far and wide for talented artists to spend a week in our backyard using the natural areas Wilderness Workshop works to protect as inspiration. Past participants have represented a variety of visual mediums. For 2017 we are asking for artists who work in mixed mediums, specifically in watercolor, oil, acrylic,collage; using texture, light and movement as guidelines.

Several artists are accepted into the program each summer. We cover the costs of travel and provide a stipend so artists can take a break from their hectic routines and immerse themselves in the serene wilderness of the Elk Mountains. When they're done, they donate one piece of work inspired by their time here to WW, which we auction along with all collected pieces every few years. Those proceeds support our work to protect public lands.

The program has been growing successfully since its inception in 2008, documented each year by local press. Please feel free to forward this email or the link to the application page to artist friends, family, and colleagues. We love a diverse applicant pool representing artists of varying mediums and backgrounds. For more information about the program and our past artists, feel free to email me at rebecca@wildernessworkshop.org.

Lastly, the Artist in Wilderness Program relies on individual support to operate each year. Please consider supporting Artist in Wilderness and our work to protect public lands by visiting our donate page.

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