Rosybelle, The Mobile Maker Bus, Needs YOU!!

We have started a fundraising campaign on INDIEGOGO for Rosybelle (more about her below) and need your help to meet our goal of $25,000.  Every donation helps!

Twenty-first century skills put creativity at the top of the list for success in todays crazy world. It takes divergent thinking, process and collaboration to succeed. Carbondale Arts is committed to ensuring that people throughout our rural Western Slope of Colorado have access to tools and technology to explore creativity, to understand the process of divergent and critical thinking, to face the challenges that lie ahead and to be prepared to think "outside the box". The Roaring Fork Valley is known for the wealthy community of Aspen, but did you know that just below Aspen, in the RE-1 school district, 42% of the students qualify for the Free Lunch program and 32% are English language learners? Keep traveling west and those numbers rise. The RE-2 School District does not even have enough funding to hold school on Fridays, therefore creating a four day school week. 

Rosybelle will travel where need is greatest. Rifle on Fridays, Carbondale after school on Tuesdays, New Castle on Thursdays...wherever the need lies. Rosybelle will be available for other nonprofits and park systems to use as well, to run programming that fits.

Rosybelle will be equipped with computers, loaded with film and music editing capabilities, print making equipment, art supplies, clay, sewing machines, 3D printers and more. She will provide a space for regional artists to share their talents with youth and adults, while providing deeper experiences around the arts for students.

Rosybelle is named in honor of a great woman, Ro Mead, who was committed to education in our public schools. Ro died in 2015 but her legacy will live on. It just takes you!

We need to raise, at least, $25,000 to retrofit Rosybelle. That will get her on the road, but, if we can raise $50,000 that will ensure she can be in needed communities by February 2017.