Cultural changes are beginning in Carbondale’s Creative District

Since Carbondale became a certified Creative District earlier this summer, there have been lots of concrete changes to the town. There are signs pointing towards creative business like galleries and restaurants. Coming soon are iPads placed around town to help people find out more about the Creative District. Jody Elsign, who works at Susan’s Flowers and Artisan Boutique, said this summer has been busier than ever. “Every day it seems to get busier and busier, and I don’t want to say it’s been hectic, but it’s been a hectic summer, which has been great fun, and it’s good to see it,” said Ensign. She said there’s lots of reasons for the increase in business. Carbondale is becoming more of a tourist destination, for one. “I’m sure the Creative District is and will...continue to add to it and build on that,” she added.

Since Carbondale became a certified Creative District earlier this year, most of the changes were about infrastructure. It’s personal now. Cultural changes are being felt now, as well. Amy Kimberly, the executive director of Carbondale Arts, is working to add more of those concrete changes to the cultural ones Ensign feels. Kimberly is working with businesses to help create an identifiable concept of what Carbondale looks like as a Creative District. The Carbondale Creative District is also reaching out to Crystal River Elementary next week to see how education and Creative Districts can work together.