Carbondale Creative District Updates

The Carbondale Creative District is growing. We are deep in the process of creating a strategic plan for the next 5 years for Carbondale Arts, with a strong emphasis on the creative district. Once we complete this process we will be looking for new people to get involved on the Creative District Governance Committee. If you have any interest please contact

The gardens on the Rio Grande ARTway are thriving and so are the weeds. If you find yourself at either of the gardens and you feel like pulling some weeds or watering the planted pots, please do. It takes a village to keep these parks looking the way we hope they will. A big shout out to The Garden Squad for showing up and helping keep all our public gardens thriving.

The ARTchway is up and we have many people to thank. First and foremost Olivia Pevec for carrying the artistic vision forward. Stuart Edgerly was our steel guru. Steve Novy and Isaac Ellis from GreenLine Architects, along with Evolve Structural Engineers, gave us the official structural insight and RA Nelson erected the whole shebang. Joe Burleigh fabricated the green "cloud" structures and many artists from throughout the valley created the flowers on the arch. They include: Shannon Muse, Chris Erickson, Wewer and Steve Keohane, Sharill and Jim Hawkins, Rachael Manning, Dave Kodama, Bill Morrow, Amy Kimberly, Sondie Reiff, Michael Lindsay, Jim Mason, Natasha Seedorf, Olivia Pevec, Joe Burleigh, Mary Matchael and many others!