Empowered Hearts Workshop in Carbondale

The next Empowered Hearts retreat will be located on a ranch with stunning views of the majestic Mt Sopris, nestled in a bend of the Crystal River, just miles outside of the lovely town of Carbondale, Colorado. The community of Carbondale embraces femininity, creativity and intentional communication and they welcome this workshop with open arms. We will have the space to gather in circle, share meals, stretch and dance, hold fire ceremony and get lost in nature.

Gathered together in this carefully chosen space, Katie Gray and Bridget Law will hold a sacred and nurturing container for growth and healing.

Katie will lovingly lead the group through various talks and group exercises, sharing insight about the collective mind and societal patterning. By consciously recognizing the mental loop settings we can intentionally create new patterns that will allow us to act with love, instead of fear. Katie has devoted much of her life to developing and sharing tools to overcome trauma, align with one’s true purpose and break the unhealthy patterns that hold us back. This workshop is an extension of her work that is called “Voice of Truth” (https://www.katiegray.com/workshops); in this 24 hour model we have time to support each other through more of the process and elevate one another to new dimensions of joy!

Bridget will guide us in a movement mediation that will awaken our energetic bodies through dance and mindful contact. Opening ourselves from the inside out helps us integrate the trust we will develop so that we can communicate more clearly and collaborate more effectively.

We will share 3 meals together in this powerful 24 hour workshop. When it is time to rest, we will slumber together, side by side in a red tent of style. Katie will take the group on a surreal and soothing journey of sound as we enter the dream kingdom.

Our intention: to depart the workshop with a new sense of self acceptance, understanding, confidence, peace and freedom.

Tara Sheahan has been invited to curate the food for the weekend. She is dedicated to making food with love and sacred intention as well as sourcing all organic and local whenever possible. Food will be inclusive of all dietary needs and adorned with delicious accouterments making nourishment a special delight.

The 24 hour workshop will be offered twice to two different groups limited to 18 women each. For the day in between the two workshops there will be an option to join the group for a private visit to Avalanche Ranch hot springs in the morning and spend the rest of the day free to follow your bliss on the ranch (location of the retreat). This night you will also have your own bed to sleep as well as an invitation to a live music gathering in the town of Carbondale. For a small additional fee there will also be an option to have your meals provided.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop material, meals or ticketing, please direct message or email us at bridgetlaw@gmail.com.

Source: bridgetlaw@gmail.com.