Songwriting workshop with Jackson Emmer

Songwriting Workshop

When: 9:30am-12pm, Sunday February 10th, 2019.

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$20/participant. Attendance will be limited to 10 songwriters. Must be at least 14 years old to attend.

This workshop is geared towards musicians who have dabbled in the world of songwriting, and are interested in exploring it more deeply. We'll discuss:

How to Stay Motivated and Write Regularly

How to Avoid Writer's Block

Tips for Accompanying Yourself on Guitar

How To Practice for Upcoming Performances

How To Break Habits and Make Your Songwriting Unique

How To Steal From The Best - Ear Training & Critical Listening for Songwriters

We'll also have an opportunity for participants to share new songs/works-in-progress with the group, and create a good dialogue for feedback within the group setting. There will also be time for an open Q&A with Jackson Emmer. If you're interested in taking your songwriting to the next level, and making it a bigger part of your life, this is the workshop for you.

Contact me (Jackson Emmer) directly, if you have any questions before the event:

Jackson Emmer

(650) 799-5379

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