WALLS: a multimedia dance work brings to life our community’s murals

Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 7 PM

Wheeler Opera House320 E Hyman Ave, Aspen

Hosted by Under Alya's Umbrella

WALLS: a multimedia dance work brings to life our community’s murals. An emotional work depicts the joys when walls come down to the horror as others fall. Choosing courage over comfort, WALLS delivers an urgency to remove walls that divide, honoring those that protect and are sacred.
Alya's latest performance project, WALLS, is deeply relevant in today's culture.

Walls have told our collective stories since the earliest of times: the joy, the relief, the hope when the Berlin Wall came down; the horror as the walls of the World Trade Center folded, which has directly led to the building of walls against other nations and races and the physical building of walls and borders across the globe.

Walls protect and walls can also hurt. The building up and breaking down of our own personal walls.

The exploration of healthy walls that have us stand up for our ethical and moral values. Our sacred walls.

Places where we leave our prayers. Memorials that hold a collective gratitude and remembrance.

For all species to thrive, the walls that divide as us-versus-them, mine-versus-yours , keep out - keep in. They must come down so a global embrace with active concern can emerge as an individual, local, national and international movement.

We believe this work of art can show and invite a reconsideration of the walls in our minds and in our communities.

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