For the Alleghany Meadows Fellowship, Ro Mead Community Grant & Carbondale Arts Career Advancement Grant

Posted on April 30, 2018 by carbondalearts

Carbondale Arts is pleased to announce the recipients of our new Artist Fellowship Program (AFP), consisting of three artist grant opportunities: The Alleghany Meadows Fellowship, The Ro Mead Community Arts Grant, and The Carbondale Arts Career Advancement Grant. The AFP is for artists and creatives of any genre, who need some funding to assist in artistic or career development or support artwork concepts that can benefit both the artist and community. CA believes that there is great value in fostering creativity and inspiration. These grants help further the mission of Carbondale Arts (building community through art) and the mission of the Carbondale Creative District (nurturing a vibrant Carbondale community through creative industry, collaboration and artistic exploration).

The Alleghany Meadows Fellowship will help further the artistic development of two valley artists, Amanda Ramsay and Kaitlyn Getz. Amanda will use the fellowship to help support the making of a new body of work, which will be shown at a solo show in the valley, February 2019. Kaitlyn works primarily in clay but has started integrating oil painting into her work. This fellowship will allow her to develop more skills in this medium.

The Ro Mead Community Grant, sponsored by Frosty and Carly Merriott, has been awarded to Chris Harrison, Sue Drinker and Sarah Uhl. Harrison will help provide scholarships for his School of Rock Summer Camp. These scholarships are provided to local children who cannot afford to pursue their musical dreams. Drinker will use her grant award to work with four parent/child students from different areas and cultures in the valley. She will teach them photography, which they will use to work toward a common vision and final piece. Artist Sarah Uhl will use her funds to work with local youth on a Kindness Mural. In Sarah’s words,” murals are a powerful tool for social change and a brighter, more connected world.”

The Carbondale Arts Career Advancement Grant will help two valley artists further their aspirations in their creative fields. One will help artist Lindsay Jones produce a new body of work revolving around the theme of Manifest Destiny. She is applying for a show at The Launchpad in 2019, and will be using this work to apply at other galleries throughout the nation. Trapeze Artist, Jordan Tribble will use his grant to offset some of the startup costs of creating his own troupe. After some time with Cirque Du SoleiI he has come home to take his artistry in a new direction.

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