Women's Blacksmithing, Embodiment & Empowerment Workshop

Join Olivia Pevec and Lindsay Gurley for a five day intensive exploration of the power and beauty of our female selves through blacksmithing and yoga. Each day begins with stoking our inner fire through yoga practice before heading into the Historic Mountain Forge to learn the ancient craft of forging hot Iron. Locally sourced picnic lunch provided by The Guest House Colorado each day is included in the cost of registration. Participants will produce work they take home with them as well as a contribution piece to the Rio Grand Archway: A monument to creativity scheduled for installation in October of this year. The Retreat will close with a riverside social at 13 moons Ranch.

Who: 12 women between the ages of 13 and 99

Olivia Pevec is the resident Blacksmith at CRMS. Her first experience with Blacksmithing was in a women's class in this very forge taught by Alison Finn. After 15 years of working as an architectural Blacksmith she felt out of sinc with the industry and gave up her shop to pursue art, music, and Wilderness. She Performed with the Bands All thePretty Horses and LET THEM ROAR for 7 years and found the perfect combination of performance and metal work in teaching and demonstrating. Collaboration is a major theme of her work, which is how she became the Coordinator of the Rio Grand Arch way Project. The act of forging hot Iron has been her teacher of the body, mind, spirit connection most of her adult life. Olivia is also a partner in the creative reuse enterprise, Scavenger Industries.

Lindsay Gurley is an inquisitive and tenacious Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and adventurer, who brings a strong and grounded energy to propel clients forward with confidence, courage, and bold strength. After many years working in the environmental and conservation non-profit world, she found her true calling as an Adventure-based Life Coach and founded Ora Māia, a platform to reconnect individuals to their true selves, to one another, and to the natural world in order to make a positive impact in the world. Known for her bold and courageous personality, Lindsay will call you forward to what you are really capable of and help you connect deeper to your body, soul, and purpose. Unwilling to let people just let life pass by, she inspires action with accountability to make change. By working with both individuals and groups, Lindsay has helped countless number of clients lead a life with real purpose and impact, one that is worth the legacy.

When: June 20-24 8am to 4:00pm (6:00pm the last day)

Where: the Mountain Forge at Colorado Rocky Mountain School & Sunday Riverside Social on Sunday (4-6pm) at 13 Moons Ranch

Investment: $625

Register online at www.oramaia.com/events or email Lindsay@OraMaia.com to reserve your spot.