Carbondale Arts and Carbondale Creative District are one of the grant winners for Arts in Society 2018!

Carbondale Arts and Carbondale Creative District are one of the grant winners for Arts in Society 2018!


After a rigorous process and many phenomenal submissions, 22 Colorado artists and organizations have been selected to win $480,000 through Arts in Society funding backed by Bonfils-Stanton FoundationColorado Creative Industries, and Hemera Foundation in partnership with RedLine Contemporary Art Center. Grants of between $10,000–$36,000 have been awarded to 22 artists and organizations. Arts in Society grantees were announced at RedLines EPIC Gala on April 19th, 2018.

This year marks the second round of funding through the initiative, which was launched as a two-year pilot program in the fall of 2016. Arts in Society seeks to support art projects that positively impact cross-sector initiatives, such as health, environment, and other human service sector programs. The funding supports a growing number of collaborations across Colorado that are bringing together artists and professionals from a wide variety of organizations that effect positive social change through community-based initiatives.

“Bonfils-Stanton Foundation has been thrilled and proud to partner with Hemera Foundation and Colorado Creative Industries to fund Arts in Society,” says Bonfils-Stanton Foundation President and CEO, Gary Steuer. “We believe Arts in Society plays a critical role in supporting projects that engage the arts and artists, in addressing some of our most pressing social challenges. We know the arts can help foster community health and wellness, create opportunities and positive outcomes for youth, veterans, immigrants and seniors, and help the voiceless find their voice.”

How it works:

From September 2017 to February 2018, an eleven member panel comprised of individuals across Colorado, assembled to review over 150 grant applications. Grant awards were assessed based on the applicant’s ability to illustrate artistic excellence, broaden the understanding of the role arts play in society, demonstrate cross-sector work, exhibit cultural relevance, foster community engagement, and present opportunities for shared learning.

New grantees will join in a learning community cohort that will meet throughout the next year to share best practices, challenges, and opportunities related to their projects.