Friday, September 8, from 6-8pm

Carbondale Arts presents “Homecoming: A site-specific installation by Lara Whitley” and “Pattern Recognition: Observations and Explorations by Lindsay Jones”, both opening in the R2 Gallery on Friday, September 8, from 6-8pm.

Lara Whitley built “Homecoming” using glass she foraged from abandoned town dumps in the Valley. The resurrected miner’s shack she created digs into both the history of our community and the zeitgeist of our time: throwaway culture. As Lara notes, “These bits of glass were the plastic of their day.”

Abstracting images from architecture and landscape, Lindsay Jones creates drawings, small sculptures, and installations out of materials such as paper, collage, and balsa wood. Her work is the result of her observations of the landscape; the rural, the urban, the exquisite, the boring, the natural, the unnatural, etc.

Learn more about Lara Whitley’s “Homecoming” and Lindsay Jones’ “Pattern Recognition“.