Marble Distilling Co. first urban distillery to have beehives on rooftop

Carbondale, CO (April 28, 2016) – Marble Distilling Co. is again pushing the envelope of industry innovation, this time with honeybees: MDC is the first known distillery to put beehives on the roof of its downtown Carbondale location on Main Street. In keeping with its environmentally-friendly/eco-conscious mission and dedication to sustainability in innovative ways – they are thrilled to add Honeybee’s to their mix! 

Other recents firsts by Marble Distilling Co. include: first distillery to recapture, reclaim and reuse 100% of our process water to heat & cool our building; first inn in the world to be housed within a working distillery; first distillery to embrace Mother Nature’s filtration by filtering vodka through crushed Yule marble from the Yule Quarry (same quarry that gave the marble for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & columns of the Lincoln Memorial).

MDC worked with local beekeeper, Bob Bailey, to bring two (2) queen bees and 18,000 worker bees to the distillery’s rooftop, where they are living in two custom-designed beehives. MDC is looking forward to utilizing the honey in its recipes and spirits, and anticipates the harvesting its first batch of honey this summer. 

Co-Founder & Head Distiller, Connie Baker is excited to have bees on MDC’s rooftop – “Bringing bees into a downtown, urban environment, as urban as Carbondale is, benefits not only Marble Distilling by producing local honey, but it helps everyone within a 5 mile radius with their gardens and flowers. That’s in addition to MDC’s flowers and hops being grown on-site.”