The Rio Grande ARTway

The Rio Grande ARTway is a creative placemaking project that centers around a one mile stretch of non-motorized, paved trail running from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The ARTway, a collaboration between the Carbondale Creative District, the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority and Carbondale Arts, is located in the section that runs through Carbondale, Colorado, a state certified Creative District. This linear park reflects the values and creativity that are important to the community. Two parks have been completed: DeRail Park, at the entrance of this section of the Rio Grande Trail and Hwy. 133 and the Latino Folk Art Garden, located at 7th Street. The final project will be the Youth Art Park at 4th Street and the Rio Grande Trail. This park has been designed by 7th graders at the Carbondale Middle School, and will be implemented in the Spring of 2020. An archway created by over 35 artists in the Roaring Fork Valley heralds the entrance to the ARTway. Installations, murals and history can be found along this one mile stretch, as well as creative institutions such as The Carbondale Clay Center, Studio for Art + Work and True Nature Healing Arts.

Business partners on the Rio Grande ARTway include: RFTA, Carbondale Arts, RA Nelson Construction, Evolve Structural Design, Town of Carbondale, GreenLine Architects, DHM, Modern West, Robert Condon, Chris Erikson Art, Wally Graham, Scavenger Industries, Paradise Glass, Aspen Tree, The Garden Squad, Land+Shelter Architects, True Nature Healing Arts, IO Oeser Construction

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DeRail Park

DeRail Park, located at the intersection of the Rio Grande Trail, the Crystal Valley Trail and Hwy 133, will serve as the entrance to the Rio Grande ARTway. With sculpture, a shaded picnic space, landscaping, railway artifacts and a nod to our bicycle culture, DeRail Park will welcome visitors and embrace locals alike with a little preview of what Carbondale is all about.

DeRail Park is additionally funded and supported by MBS Associates, Carbondale Rotary, SGM, DHM Design, Wild Roots Landscaping.

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Latino Folk Art Garden

The Latino Folk Art Garden is overseen by an involved group of Latino stakeholders and will include gardens, gathering spaces, mosaics and hammocks. It will also hold the Latino History Story Sculpture, which will focus on the contributions and history of our Latino community in the Roaring Fork Valley.

This park is funded by The Colorado Health Foundation and a grant from Garfield Healthy Communities Coalition. Collaborators include: The Valley Settlement Project, English In Action, Radio La Tricolor and El Montanes news.

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Youth Art Park

Located behind the Carbondale Recreation Center at 4th Street and the Rio Grande Trail, The Youth Art Park will be created by the youth and for the youth. Featuring things like interactive sculpture, nature weaving, a bug hotel and winding paths and gardens, this place will be created to spark and feed the imagination of our children. The Youth Art Park will be in its planning phases throughout the winter of 2017 and spring of 2018.



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